5.18.09 WELCOME

Hello everyone and deep welcome to my blog.

Some of you know me as “Pearley Sky” and some of you are familiar with my work at www.awujumaya.com.  My brother has been gracious in tending my website for many years. Our common problem has been he is on the east coast and I’m on the west coast.  I decided to begin a blogspot and let the website go.  I will be adding content as I develop more videos.  It takes a tremendous amount of time to capture (somehow that doesn’t feel like the appropriate word!)the images, catalogue them, & put them on cd’s. The selection process in those selected for videos takes two days for one video.  I had no idea the amount of details when I began this adventure!

I’ve been having quite an adventure for the past 15 years with a frequency that calls itself ‘WU’, which is a shortened version of A WU JU MAYA. They are a collective consciousness not of this universe. Information has been forthcoming since 1994, long before they became visible through my photography. Their whole teaching has been a hindsight teaching through experience and without information always leading the way. In the beginning I asked them what to call them. They replied WU. I said, “seriously (?), you want me to call it WU (??), you mean like WOO WOO?” They thought that was very funny as they agreed. Their sense of humor has never wavered. They are dedicated to our growth and do not hesitate to catalyze. Once you’ve been ‘touched’ by them, your process is facilitated whereby they tend to catalyze us with our judgments in the beginning, which is a hobby of theirs as they study the human race in order to assist us in the highest manner. Affectionately, we call this process WU.

<a name=”intro”> Through 15 years of experience with this frequency, there is an enormous body of information to share and I find it very difficult to know where to begin. It’s always been such a challenging experience to put into words for each of us who have traveled this pathway into ascension.

While I’ve been in the front seat all these years, I do not claim to have all the answers. While I do have a certain amount of experience &amp; knowledge accumulated over 15 years, I’m still learning. I try to remain open and to not limit this process, which can be quite a challenge! I endeavor to show the universe I’m paying attention and putting my best foot forward here. I’m such a wandering, wild child, sometimes I have pondered why they are working through me of all people. I thought I would be the most unlikely candidate. I now know this is my mission, and I’ve long learned kicking &amp; screaming is not the way to spread love and travel light.

Over these past 15 years, this unusual experience has been full of grueling and very difficult challenges at times. Even more than that, it has also brought me into the deepest spiritual awe and wonder I have ever experienced and still continues to this day. After 15 years of experience and staying the course, I now know that this consciousness is not from this universe. When we first started to interact, even their English was limited and had quite the vocabulary with their own way of spelling. They often speak in the way of empowered words, with encodements activating within us in appropriate timings, much the same way the images in the photography work with us.

Their intention is to contribute their part of the ascension process in facilitating this planet’s shift into higher consciousness, along with each of it’s inhabitants. They say their frequency affects all species, of which we’ve had some very interesting personal experiences. They often say change takes time and we have no time to waste.

Earth has been the jewel in the universes for eons. By 2012, this will shift, for her season is complete. Her inhabitants have that much time to get their wits about them. That much time to come into integrity and to release their co-dependent ways. That much time to learn to exist in true unity &amp; balance. At this point in time, I am 35% complete with the process they present to us. It’s amazing and the ability of their orchestrative tenacity continues to leave me in deep &amp; reverent awe.

They have experienced humanity through me for these 15 years and I have to say, we did indeed run the whole gamut. They received &amp; participated in a birds eye view of some of our human persnickities. During the trying times, I had no idea I was their eyes, nose &amp; body until recently. They certainly got a good view of where humanity is lacking. I exist within such a deep peace &amp; balance, no matter what is going on in my life. The proof is in this pudding! The transformation potential is profound.

There were also times that are very difficult to put into words, so very personal, so very magical and the level of love in these experiences always shared with the earth, the elementals, and the oceans and waters, so full of magic and splendour. Through these experiences, we are paving the way for anchoring our own thrival light quotients, they would explain. These experiences are still so very challenging to put into words. These spiritual essences touch us in ways sometimes that may be beyond words, but remain in our hearts forever and we are forever changed. Such blessings are at times disguised as personal trauma and drama, the weavings are profound in their orchestrations. Magic has indeed become a way of life. I am so used to it, it’s very difficult to describe it to another who hasn’t been through the processes. For those of us who have, we can talk for hours about the commonalities.

So far, it’s been a 15 year unfoldment process which hasn’t reached completion yet. I understand so much more than I used to and I’m honored to share my experiences with you, especially the frequencies in the imagery slideshows, videos &amp; pods. They are so ‘WOW!” We are working on some DVD’s and will post a notice on the website when they are ready to go. It’s beyond exciting to share the experiences of ‘them’ with the world at large! We have never been into ‘names’ as they are so limiting, so I refrain from naming any of these frequencies. Each image has a universe of information within it. It’s rather futile to even attempt to name them.

These Heart Lights are here to assist in the consciousness shifting of humanity. They show themselves as a living light. This light does not behave as our scientists have told us light behaves, nor the way orbs behave. The photography continues to develop after it’s printed, sometimes images literally moving on the print. It’s quite an agreement we have for them to remain in the pods! With a story of a UFO encounter for another time.

Many times when the images were being printed, smoke began to funnel out of the photo printing machine. Fairy’s show up, dragons have shown up, as the language they delivered over the first 12 years is foundationed by the essences of the ancient elements. Elements that originate from a space where suffering was not part of the elements that our bodies are made of in this earthly realm.

The light beings in these images are showing us their hearts, they also feed from the suns’ emanations, show us that we can do the same. There is an orange plasma being in the slideshow on my homepage on my website that exhibits this option for us. When this orange being shows itself to me, it always focuses on it’s deep breakfast of sun infused rays. They are all absolutely conscious and their healing capacity is a very profound experience, in which I’ll be writing about in the upcoming e-book. They are a rich sustenance that facilitates a sealing of the cracks in our souls and in our hearts through the beauty they offer. The images also emit sound encodements as well as visual encodements, as do the videos. They sound rather like dolphin clicks. They like to have ‘light parties’. They have such personality and are very compassionate. There are times they literally glow when I’m speaking to someone they have ‘touched’. It’s all so Buddah Full and I am very honored &amp; humbled to share this with you.

I have been guided to birth ‘Pods’ which are collages with multiple images in various mats that are offered for purchase or just to enjoy online. They are very transformational healing tools consisting of the new energy and beyond. They mentioned years ago, they love to work with addictive &amp; co-dependent tendencies, of which I have many stories. They talk about integrity being a requirement, which we have not taken lightly. They speak of supporting each other they speak of existing on light, of magic and thrival, of splendour and choosing beauty as a way of life as daily fodder.

At this point, there are only pods in the pod store with price tags on them. We intend to put pods in the gallery as well for your enjoyment in the near future. Please don’t let the price tag interfere with exploring the frequencies presented. We are still in the process of revising the site and hope you’ll revisit us again to experience the updates.

The pods are available in 3 formats at this time, with more to come. There are templates (which are shown) which are pods already birthed. People have ordered these pods for their personal use, for their businesses as well as gifts. The second choice is where I intuit pods for individuals. The third choice is a 5-slotted matting with 4 images in the mat. You can co-create with your own personal photo being inserted into the 5th opening for this pod. This pod option hasn’t been posted yet, but is coming soon! I have a photo of a Spanish fairy there that is a photo of a fairy doll. People also put photos of family members, nature and flowers, prints of science fictional beings or fairies, elves, unicorns, and dragons into this empty slot to further personalize the pod. It’s amazing how all the energies work together, with the addition serving as a spokesman for the pod. We have also used these pods as an altar energy for healing for others….nice.

The light language they delivered all those years ago has been taught to many people. We all experienced similar activations in our consciousnesses, as we were all traveling on the same path. It took me a while to realize these frequencies in the images interact in the same way that the (empowered) wurds in the language do. It’s an experience you have to have had to understand how they ‘work’. This language also facilitated the pathway for these beings of light, these heart lights to enter the earth planes. We see them with our naked eyes many times. They don’t only show up in photography, although the lens is the portal way to see through the dimensions for me. After the frequencies are assimilated through the facilitations gleaned through the workshop teachings, we notice that when we are out in the sun (and even when we are not), we can close our eyes and see them move behind our eyelids, as though our eyelids are a screen for them. It’s beautiful, mesmerizing and very peaceful. Again, another form of healing and realignment that they offer. It’s rather like carrying a slideshow with you internally and makes me think of how many times they have shared that all change must come from within, that they can only be understood from within. I have the ability to call them in and I know there are gatherings in the future where this experience will be shared by all in the here and now. They are such compassionate, stunning beings of such pure light. Sounds like fun to me and it’s right up their alley. They never have done things in a small way!

I was in Seattle at an expo last year. I visited a woman who offered aura video sessions. She attached the sensors to my fingers. I had a small pod with me and she was surprised as the readings all came into high alignment and deep balance with adjustments instantly made in my auric field. It was astounding to watch the charkas of each of us come into direct alignment and their colors adjusted to a nice balanced glow. I will be making a video as part of the dvd’s we are working on that have more information and shows the pods at work through an aura video machine. I’m rather excited about it as I did the same thing years ago when I was traveling and teaching their shamanic light language. Those were vhs days and it was astounding to watch what each word did to the auric fields. The pods will be a few steps up from the language experience in frequency &amp; ability. I am seeking an astute reader who works with an aura video machine if anyone knows of one.

When the language was dispensed as a teaching, we worked in tandem with the Tzol’kin, which is one of the Mayan calendars. Each day represents an opportunity to heal any trauma in our timelines throughout time and space. WU provided the energy &amp; consciousness that heals &amp; educates holographically. The calendar is our map with the flavor of the daily energy that the universe offers up for healing on that particular day, is where we focused the consciousness of the language for healing. Each of our personal histories is recorded in the daily energies, as well as earth’s. Each day represents a creational energy and through the 260 days in the Mayan calendar, every creational energy is presented individually that has ever been experienced throughout history. We worked with the dimensional shamanistic abilities of WU through 2 calendar cycles of 260 days each, also taking advantage of the opportunity to heal time herself. We used different level of language for both Mayan years. The changes in all of us were/are profound. Thusly the foundation for the pods was laid.

This process carved a foundational template for people who choose to experience a personal pod as well and offers this level of holographic work to be available to them also. Working with the pods is very simple, which was not always the case when anchoring the language frequencies. I am very grateful for the experience of anchoring this language as well as all the people I’ve taught over the years. While it was arduous in a sense, I would never bypass the opportunity to have those experiences and magic and synchronicity. There was such richness in the experiences, I cannot imagine my life without them. The dimensional/shamanic based language of WU is the foundation for the pods and the work that we do to assist ourselves, our families, our community or tribe, our planet, and beyond. We don’t follow the calendar every day anymore because we are attuned to it through our rebraided DNA. It is certainly interesting to watch the calendar energies for deeper understanding in the synchronicities that become a way of life. It’s such a beautiful plan they have shared with us.

Many years ago, WU spoke of being the Creator’s Ace, and so they are. In the early days when we worked predominantly with the language consciousness, they spoke of the language having the ability to place us in our mission in this lifetime. This mission is not handed to us on a platter and we still have to do our parts. I have anchored the language and what I present to you is my mission. I deeply appreciate their patience, for I have not always been without many levels of resistance.

In the beginning, if I’d had any idea in what was upcoming I would have kept my running shoes on and said ‘Not an option! No way!!’ In hindsight, I am deeply grateful for these adventures, which only intensify as time goes on. Becoming willing was such a struggle for me in the beginning as I AM that I AM which is such a wild child! It’s truly amazing to think back on how much resistance I had for my own mission. I also know many of us carry these resistances unbeknownst to us. Flying by the seat of my pants has become a way of life that ebbs &amp; flows and I’m more comfortable in the drivers seat these days.

My story in a nutshell is that in 1994 I began to communicate with a consciousness that touched me during a Gyuto Monk concert. A holographic/ shamanic language was soon delivered layer by layer, sometimes word by word, over 12 years. Along with myself and all the people we’ve taught, we all proceeded to do the work, never knowing where it was leading, never realizing what the full scope was. At an early point I had asked them how we would know this language was beneficial for us and for the earth as we began to work with the elemental essences. They replied, “The earth will show you” …Indeed. In 2004, in a channeling, they mentioned ‘orbs’ would be showing up. In June of 2006, they slid in a quick “watch the skies for outrageous beauty” through my exhaustion as I was flying back from Honolulu to my beloved Alaska. I had no idea what they were talking about. In August of 2006, the images in my photography began to come through. Nobody was more stunned than me. It still took me some time to realize these images related to the past 12 years!

There is a plan here that is larger than myself, larger than humanity and larger than earth. I know my mission is to present these frequencies to the world. I know my proof is in my pudding. In my contract, I have done my work, which is why I am able to share the experience of these images with you. Every one of us has to do our work, especially if you consider yourself a lightworker. Co-dependencies only open the door for parallel bleedthrough harming us all all and slowing humanity’s evolution in consciousness. Change takes time and we have no time to waste. To be in alignment with everything returning to Oneness, we each individually, need to be part of the solution and not a part of the problem. We need to heal so humanity is no longer a cog in earth’s wheel. And again, change takes time and we have no time to waste.

I love my life and I find that my ascension is further facilitated by choosing more beauty in my life. We can’t thrive as a species if we settle for less. Rather exciting, methinks!

We will be adding a comments/question &amp; answer page for those who have comments or questions. This process is so ingrained, that it makes it very much easier to speak of this phenomena when questions are asked. I welcome your input!

Thank you for visiting my website and we hope you’ll return soon to see what’s new.

Deep peace to you my friend
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