Clairvoyant Reading through Carol Fitzpatrick regarding Photography & Energies

Carol Fitzpatrick ( graciously provided additional information regarding my photography & the frequencies I’ve been working with for the past 15 years last April of  2009. While I’ve been an information conduit for these beings since 1994, there are times when I seek external information. This whole ascension process has been through experience, with information and understanding always coming as hindsight. The information that has came through all these years pertains to myself, the people I’ve taught the light language to and to people who are now co-creating with the pods. This process has evolved from a light language to the frequencies becoming visible in my photography nearly 4 years ago. At times they address information for others who are involved in the process as well. They also teach me by directing me to books, movies, conversations with others, others’ channelings. After I’ve had the experience, whether my mind has understood it yet or not, they point out information that pertains to this process, many times, adding their own running commentary distinctly through my mind.

Carol’s information ties in nicely with information I’ve received. She is adept in adding the information required to tie lose ends together. I decided to post the reading for another perspective into this process besides what I’ve written.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments @ Don’t forget the dot between sky and Pedersen


Yes my daughter you are showing the pictures, you are showing the pictures of the ascended masters & the beings of light who are here to help humanity. When humanity sees the visual picture of us, we are simply saying ‘we are that’ we are pure light and we are pure energy. You are showing them the pictures of us ~ you are showing them our hearts. This is part of our light being. Our light being is miles and miles wide. Some of us cover the entire earth with our halo of light. We are showing you the image of our heart. We are communicating to your human family that we are God also…that we also have a heart like you have a heart, like the human family does. This is our common bond. Our common bond is one heart to another. Even though we are not in a human form as you are, we are still fueled in consciousness by the love of our heart and we are evolved far beyond your human consciousness. We have come back from your future and we have come back from other galaxies of light. We have come back here as angels and fairies to bring much love & joyousness to your human family.

So as it shall be my daughter, as you shall be working & sharing, you shall be taking notice that there is always that one who is in the center of all your imagery, because it is because we want to remind you of who you are. You are of that light that we call Jeremiah. You come from that string of energy that we shall call Jerusalem. What we shall call the energy of the light beings known as Saint Germaine. You were there in that energy as well. This is your family that we are. We say to you, this is the energy that you bring into your human family. We say to our daughter, depending upon who you are teaching and sharing this energy with, we shall be directing various light beings through the vibratory patterns that are showing up on your physical imagery to communicate and download the encodings that are needed to awaken your brothers and sisters ~ to awaken the human consciousness within the human heart.

You shall be recognizing and moving forward in a way that shall be setting your heart free all together. You shall be directed to move into a global audience. You shall be recognizing. You shall be honoring thyself, as you shall be recognizing the others that shall be wishing to fully awaken. You shall want to afford in a way that shall be setting your heart free and you shall be wanting to awaken your light brothers and sisters. As you yourself come forward and create and allow the light beings that are here to help humanity, you shall be called to move into environmental organizations and be helping them. You shall be helping the young people to shift the consciousness of the planet. You shall be providing them with these tools that they need. You shall be helping them to create. You shall be moving forward in a way that shall be helping others as well. You shall eventually come towards specific purposes because it is merely the pictures that are giving the physical representation and yet my daughter, you carry these same light beings with you. You have the ability to call us forward for you are a portal of light for the light beings who are here to help humanity. You are here to bring in the different forms and behaviors of the light beings who help humanity.

There is a cross-educational creation that is taking place in your present moment. You are indeed bringing an entire race of beings to this earthen plane to help. You are the ground crew to help educate humanity so the level of fear when these visitations and star ships begin to hoover over the earthen plane enmass, you will help these people not to fear.

So there is a multiplicity in purpose in your earthly calling. One is to awaken and educate the light being within the human body. The other is leading their human consciousness to align and feel the harmony and beauty as we are revealing our hearts from one heart to another to them. You shall be recognizing and moving forward in the way that shall be setting your heart free all together as well. You shall be finding that the star beings shall be opening and helping humanity to fully ascend. You shall be providing them with the physical evidence that shall be helping the others. You shall be moving forward and as you are accepting the invitations to come and to play and to hear, you shall be feeling your way through this physical expression, this physical expression, this physical experience of bringing these ascended masters and these beings of light from the other galaxies of light into human awareness. You shall be recognizing and moving forward in a way that shall be setting your heart free. It is merely that you are to be quiet and be fully quiet and know that all is quite well.

(SKY: I had a ‘UFO flyby’ happen last fall. I had asked her if this experience was related to the images in my photography) Your work is attracting much attention throughout the galaxy of light. There are many beings of light who come to you to get their pictures taken as they want to share their awareness. This is their way of gaining entry into this earthly realm. (SKY: this is also tied into the light language they delivered and many of us engaged over the years as we prepared a pathway for them to enter this plane.) There is an inner passageway that takes place when the awareness strikes this way. The aha moment strikes within the human consciousness that merges the two realities, the two ways of being, the two vibrational worlds and brings them into an inner plane, a merged plane of consciousness. This was given to you before. As you are doing that yourself, you yourself are merging with the higher planes of consciousness and creating a field of light that allows these beings greater access and greater awareness to step into this earthly field. (Carol: It is quite damaging for a very high vibrational being to step into this vibration. It’s like stepping into a cesspool and if you have just the slightest bit of cut on your foot, you get an infection) They are saying that the light beings that come to this earth, as much as they love to watch the game of life, they are very fearful to venture into this reality in full form and yet you have done your homework to such an extent that they are able to do that through you. There was one who really tested the waters and said ‘lets see if this is safe enough and if there is enough energy’. You have enough energy around you and within you that you are entrained to the higher realms to such a high extent, that it allows these light beings to come and share their gifts with you and because you can ‘see’, if anyone else were to hold the camera up and take the pictures they would simply see a beautiful landscape because they don’t have the vibration required. It’s the vibration that the camera’s picture taker holds that takes the picture that is able to see the forms. Their awareness of amplifying their fields to such an extent that they are able to show their hearts to you Sky. (SKY: I recently became aware that they are ‘experiencing human life’ through me. This explains why some of my experiences have been so extreme. How else can they truly understand humans except through experiencing us. They are not from earth and in the beginning days, even communicating was a challenge.)

When they are showing you their hearts, they are also providing mathematical encodings in each and every one of your images. It’s also transmitted by the color. There are sounds that are coming through the images. They are transmitting sounds. (SKY: In the videos, there is often a frequency sound that sounds like a morris code.)

(Carol comments: As a sideline, this is how the crop circles are formed. The crop circles are physical forms from sound and through their intention to help earth to begin to shift and to reverse herself. They are actually not a gift to humanity as much as they are a gift to earth herself. The light beings are holding the sacred space for this whole experience to be continued in this way.

As you go out and you receive the information that puts you in places (Carol: Let me interrupt myself – like the Harmony Festival up in Santa Rosa where you have 30,000 people coming to that festival, that is where you need to be. You need to be in the environmental consciousness movements and areas that are honoring the earth. You need to be in the 20 something on up crowd, where you are sharing these energies and your understanding of them. You are in a very festive, playful, fun kind of setting where it’s very purposeful, where people are actually there to do something. These are advocacy types of situations you find yourself in. You will be invited to go to place to place to place as well and yet you have a global audience. Placing your pictures for people to experience with the internet being a perfect tool so you can begin to share with people.

They are also telling me your photography is to be shown in spiritual circles, in front of people. There are the musical tones that come through the imagery that is to be amplified out and be shared with people. You are to be in setting of social consciousness movements.(what is the difference between spiritual & social consciousness) Everyone is spiritual… social consciousness is being developed and will become sought after.

As people take a gift of one of those pictures home & begin to work with it… more information is forthcoming. The more you are into this and are trusting of the process, as you are trusting the process, as you are talking to people, you will know exactly what to provide for them. That is in some cases for a light being who is there to awaken; in some cases it will be to heal the human consciousness. Some of these beings in the images are here to help to heal the human heart, the perceived wounds and to extricate the fear based micro-codes that become embedded and become very reactive.

In order to get these visuals in front of people, all it takes is a person looking at just one of those pictures to deactivate those fear codes inside of them. Wa Lah! There they are. You have just set them out on an entirely different path.

Never underestimate your power. As much as you are co-creating with them or have co-created with them, you are still the one in charge because you are the ground crew. They will give you the guidance to where to be, how you are to be, putting you in situations and bringing you certain promptings, but you are the one who makes the choice. You have the awareness inside of you.

What you are literally doing is preparing the consciousness of people everywhere to accept the inevitability of starship landings. Not just one, but many. The bubble that is waiting to be popped is that as soon as it makes it into the consciousness of humanity – not the consciousness of the light beings, but the consciousness of humanity, that’s when the two worlds, the two realities of consciousness really get to merge. That is when and where and how all the expediential shifts, those quantum shifts in consciousness will be taking place.

We are talking about this non-linear time but we are in 2009. We are totally in the zone. When we look back at this time from 2009, 2012 & 2014, we’re going to look at that time frame like it was a blink of an eye, like an instant, like the clicking of the shutter speed of a camera in our lives, in our human lives. We will say “oh my god – we were there – we were that – we were that consciousness that caused the quantum shift to take place and isn’t that a beautiful thing that in our foresight we said ‘yes we’ll come, yes we’ll volunteer to be here now at this time, at this place in human history. Not in our light being history, but human history, to be a part of this shift to create this quantum shift.

For you, you have everything in place now. You have absolutely everything in place. What you have got to do is a little bit of human research and start looking at the key word for you that really feels closest to your heart. You will find that the people, the festivals and the concerts and all those kinds of that you are to be connecting with, because you have your sea legs now. You’re doing the individual workshops and so forth and that will continue, but you are to be placed in very large social consciousness movement types groups. Those types of gatherings are happening pretty much everywhere now.

(SKY: From early on with the photography, I knew that I was photographing living light. The photos have consistently continued to develop and absolutely change after they’ve been printed. I wondered if she could shed more light onto what was happening than what I already knew.) They are saying that people have the understanding that you
are capturing something. Once you capture something in your digital world, that it’s a static energy, that it is no longer alive. It is alive and it’s still moving. It still transforming. You are to understand that you are looking at live beings of light when you are looking at your actual digital photograph. You are looking at a portal of light. This portal of light is a vibrant, open, alive, live essence. It changes according to what is needed. You will show those images to one group and when you show them to another, they are going to look different. They are going to have different colors, a different way of being according to the consciousness in the room, in the environment; they are reacting to the consciousness in the planet as well. You have a series of energies that are actively working for the healing and transformation of the human consciousness.

Whatever happens in the photo is exactly what the person needs – they get what they need and that is the blessing. (SKY: we always called that a ‘personal recipe’ for ascension) Once they have received what they need for their own personal growth, there is no longer any need to hold that vibration. If you had a cut on your finger, would you continually keep the cut open. No. You would want it to heal. Your pictures are all about their individual basis, their light quotient. When people take them home into their individual environments, they are to count their blessings as that happens. As that happens, there is no longer any need for that particular vibration to be around that particular person anymore.

You have a lot to do with reintroducing magic and aliveness back into the human race. (SKY: the mythological realms were included in the light language that we interacted with for 12 years before the frequencies became visible) The natural spirit kingdom used to be very, very alive and well. But they’ve gone away. There are not very many natural spirits in this world any longer. You are re-introducing them again. You are a portal for them to be re-introduced into people’s lives. They can be of tremendous help. As you recognize this in the way that you are creating, you can explain to people that this is a gift for them to help them with the natural order of their lives and to help them to regenerate the natural world around them. They will help them with whatever that might be. The fairy realms are the emissaries from the archangelic realms. (SKY: there have been many times we’ve seen the fairies in the photos and in the videos. There was also a fairy mantra in the light language.) They are there to really help the human heart to heal. As those kinds of light beings come in through your photography, they are here to help the individuals to re-aquaint themselves with the feeling of play, the feeling of optimism, the understanding of oneness, to really lift the spirits and help them with manifesting and to create new realities, the new world as it is represented by a higher vibrational choice.

(SKY: I have information regarding the frequencies being connected to the inner earth and the great central sun and asked Carol for clarity.) These spirits represent the help that has been called forth because they are actually being called for by the beings of light that are in the consciousness held beneath the crust of the Urth & below the ocean floor. (SKY: where light language came from) They are here to neutralize the choices that have been made by humanity all along. They are huge beings of light that are here to hold the consciousness of the planet. They are here to give the reinforcement to the plant & animal kingdoms through the intentional creations of these beings that are holding the vibrations of Oneness in the collective consciousness.

(SKY: Carol spoke again of consciousness gatherings. I include this information and am open to any suggestions or ideas anyone might like to share.) I see your art in a moveable art gallery. A kind of thing where you are actually doing exhibits. And you are sharing you pods and electronics. They are sold in a way where they are instruments for healing and transformation. People will not take them home and have them in their homes for 20 years because they are going to change, they are going to morph, as well as the person who interacts with them. They are going to do something very different than what would be anticipated.

We are literally birthing a new consciousness, a new earth, a new consciousness level of humanity. We will be co-existing in multiple realities, multiple dimensions. We can feel it now. Our choice is which level of awareness we wish to play in. No one can ever take your choice away from you. There are only two rules in the universe: there is only love and light and everyone has a choice. The universe is infinite, open and ever expanding. The more you align, you can come into a flow in a split second. The river of universal flow is always flowing. It can become very powerful if you allow it. We have a wonderful ability to feel source energy in the body. As we align with it, that is when our lives take off, we are put in the right place, we are prompted to do those things that are in alignment. That source energy is those adamtine (sp) particles that feel good in our bodies. Some call it love energy. It’s very simple to align with Source. It’s not always easy, but it’s always simple. Once you align is when everything that you are doing in your life on this earth, you end up being where you need to be. We are looking to amplify that energy because it feels good. The way you do your energetic work will be your joy. You will be awakening your star tribe.



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  1. Sooo beautiful.

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