Heart Lights Video


~ by PearleySky on 09/17/2009.

2 Responses to “Heart Lights Video”

  1. We love your video so much. Thanks for sharing beautiful moments with the orbs around u. Wold you tell us, how you can shoot pics of them (orbs)in right positions? D’u able to see them by your eyes and maybe doing communication with them? Thnx so much.

    • Hi Shangkala ~ Thank you for your comment and interest. Usually I feel a ‘tug’ to go take photos. I know that they are around me, in my energy fields at all times. I can see them with my naked eye more often in the nighttime than in the daylight, although I see them then as well. I have been in communication with these frequencies for over 16 years. In those days, I was very unaware that they were an orbular light consciousness. At all times, I have known this is what i’m supposed to be doing with my life. At this point, and for these past 16 years, I have communicated with a particular level of their consciousness. I am soon to be bringing through a more stellar consciousness regarding the photography. I am excited for this to happen and have been patiently waiting their discourses. They spoke to me for 12 years before they became visible in my photography. They also shared an ascension process over these years, and much of their information applied to those of us traveling this pathway. I’ve not shared this information publically, as i wasn’t sure they would understand what was being discussed without going through the processes themselves. As far as your question regarding ‘right positions’, i would say to have something for a background as they show up better with a background. They often have one in mind when i am using my camera. There are times when they impulse me to move to a new area.It’s been such an education working with these energies over the years. It’s such second nature to me, but it’s always easier for me to answer questions than to think of how a process is without a question 🙂
      deep peace to you

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