I’ve been seeing ‘celestia lights’ for the past 4+ years, and the more I experience them, the more I realize they were around me as well when i was growing up. I began photographing these energies in 2005. I was in remote Alaska and was trying to capture the beauty in the energy there, or so I thought.  I have compiled some of their photographic templates into a youtube video.


 I notice when I work with the photography after a day’s shoot, that i have immense body heat  for the rest of the day and all night, which is indicative of their tranformational intentions.  I began communicating with this frequency in 1994. They delivered an angelic language to me over the lst 12 years. They also showed me how to work with the Mayan Calendar (Tzol’kin) as a holographic map, of which they added their energy to heal the timelines…to heal time….to heal us holographically, and dealing with multitudes of dark holographic miasma. They do not work with the dreamspell, but the classic count calendar. The orchestrations were prolific and the learning curve remains very intense. So many times, I received confirmations & additional pieces of information from other’s messages & writings.  At times, they speak to me through others’ messages about this process.


In 2005, they then became visible through my photography. They have alot to do with raising consciousness on this planet and interacting with Gaia, healing & transforming awareness/consciousness. This experience has changed my life profoundly while knowing this is why I am on this planet at this time. I appreciate the messages other’s share with us. I don’t always fit in with mainstream earth and appreciate like minded people.


When we (they do the work through me – I am totally media illiterate ~ they often comment on our electronics…) were putting this video together, I had an eye open for some type of ‘music’ to add to the video that would work with the energy. Immediately, Stuart (Wilde) sent an audio file out to those on his email list. I was impulsed to add this audio file to the first video.


While communication with them has certainly shown the path and the transformational abilities they offer humanity, I am by no means any kind of expert. All my teachings have came from hindsight, and from honorable people’s sharing of their own information. I gain pieces of information from here and there as they are presented and as I am impulsed to read specific writings, as they orchestrate my learning.  My process is then as i sit at my computer and communicate with them, there are more pieces added. While it is a wondrous experience, it is also the most challenging thing I’ve ever done in this lifespace. There are time I put it all down and walk away. I spent hours and hours yesterday floating in a 90 degree ocean hot tidepool, assimilating the oceanic information that is so tied in with these frequencies. Letting everything go and just being in the water.  In the earthly realm, they originate beneath the ocean floor in the earth’s crust. Cosmically, our origination point is beyond me, but it is getting closer to my cognizance.


Somewhere I know what i’m doing with this, but it’s not in This urthwalk self. I would love to hear about anybody elses insights and experiences after viewing the videos. I am close to completing all the processes it takes to make a video, to share a new one with this world. I will be, or i should say, my mind thinks i will be adding some of the language they delivered all those years ago in the new video. One thing I’ve learnd is that this whole process is not for or of the mind.  I love to share the beauty & frequency in my work and I am most appreicative to be involved with so many like minded people who can understand what is being presented. 😉


They are downloading frequency templates into the urth as well as with all those who view the videos and or photographies. They speak of ‘thrival, and humanity’s choice in choosing to continue to struggle to survive or to choose to thrive.’ Their frequency releases us from struggle…and in my own process, I continually work at releasing the mind’s interferences as the cellular, ancestral and planetary memories of struggle are released through the breath work that they/we have developed over the years. We also become a human template emitting these transformational frequencies, just as they are templates. The level of trust that is built is a pre-requisite for further transformations, which isn’t always easy.


After I unhitched myself from ‘stun mode’ when this experience began, a few months later I attempted the video option on my camera. To my astoundment, they pulsed and danced and ever so gently touch one another in blessings and love. There have been times, when they have been very excited and there was a level of stressy interaction with other frequencies that showed up.


They offer the world transformation through beauty, and have demanded that i also choose beauty in my life, which isn’t as easy as one would think. They are so vivid behind the eyelids in always changing displays. I was watching them this morning before i got out of bed, always so near and always dancing & pulsing, touching. They gather energy and coalesce  into what you see in the video. Then they release the energy and begin to build another frequency template – the same way the ocean brings her waves to the shores. Some of the ‘pearles’ ( some would term them orbs; they offer that they are beyond orbs) are the frequencies that build the pearle (almost as workers), and then there are series of shots that are the ‘pearles’ themselves.


One day, I will have the resources to be able to write about my experiences and what I know so far.  At this point, it’s a challenge keeping a roof over my head and food on the table.  If anyone feels moved to donate to this cause, I would be grateful for the support.

I hope you enjoy the video. Please feel free to share your experience or suggestions.

Bright Blessings to you



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~ by PearleySky on 10/13/2009.

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