ABOUT SKY: Revised: 5.28.2009

(I first wrote this article in 2007. In those days, I wasn’t sure what was going on in my photography. While I still can’t say I totally understand all of it,  I’m still putting pieces together.  You would think after channeling for 12 years, the information would come through in the messages.  The information that came through in the channelings had me in a light trance, making it difficult to remember what came through, much less retain it.  This frequency delivered the information from the beginning, but I had no idea for quite awhile that it applied to the phenomena that became visible in my photography. I am rewriting this article adding a few understandings. When I began to write about my experience, I tended to lean a little on the conservative side as I wasn’t sure if my neighbors would tolerate my weirdness. On an island, we are a small community and with myself having a spiritual history of close to 30 years, I already stuck out like a sore thumb, not to mention my pearley colored hair! I’m more of a she-hermit and like my life to remain private. At times I’ve thought these energies have surely picked the ‘beyond wrong’ person. This article talks about how my experience of these colorful heart lights began. My knowledge is so much richer 3 years later.)

In 1994, I began communicating with a consciousness that came to me when I had a really strong push to do some automatic writing. They began with some information that pertained to my personal life, which all came to pass. I began to trust the process slowly. Within 3 months, they began to deliver a light language in stages to me. This later evolved into 3 levels over the course of 12 years. They spoke of many phases of a process over these years. I began to teach this language as fast as it came through. We all began to progress along the same lines. They spoke of this language being a dimensional shamanic light based language. We would engage this language to heal our dimensional selves. Another level healed our twin flames dimensional selves. In the first two levels, we closely followed the Tzol’kin, Mayan Calendar as a map to access the traumas our soular selves were experiencing. They spoke of preparing us to present our mission in this lifetime. The third level we merged with our higher selves, merged with our twin flames so our life purpose could begin. It was incredible to participate and the synchronicities were consistent. At the end of my completing the third level of the light language, this consciousness became visible through my digital photography. I had no conscious idea this ‘light language’ was going to show me it’s light! It took me 3 years for them to tell me that they came through as a ‘language’ because similar to Reiki, which I had been involved with at the time, these empowered words of this light language would also work on people in healing sessions. Now I know they were breaking me in easy. They knew I would not be able to handle the visuals of these days.

In hindsight, I also remember a workshop I had given in Denver, and one of the lovely ladies attending the workshop had asked me what all the blue energy was about in my aura. I had no idea. Now it makes a little more sense.

In the beginning days, we called them orbs, because we thought they were orbs. Now I know they are orbs and they are beyond orbs. They prefer to be called pearles which are a cosmic passion seeding energy. This frequency is very interactive and very conscious. My experiences with the orbs/pearles began in August of 2006 on Kodiak Island, Alaska. I have a thirty year background in spirituality involving native traditions, huna, polarity, channeling, energy work, urth healing, mediumship, and as a lightworker. When a random 20 photos came through on that summer day in August, I recognized them as orbs and I didn’t think too much about it. I put my camera down at the end of that first day on the beach and went to my mundane job. At that time, I did not remember that 2004 channeling. In 2006, they began to be prolific in my photography and has plethora has not ceased since then. They continue to evolve and show me more and more. The frequencies are also higher than in the beginning photos.

Back then, and even still orbs/pearles represented ‘consciousness’ and spiritual matters to me. I had never seen colors like the ones in my images that I had viewed in other people’s photos. The experience of the pearles began in the middle of my intention to collect photos to generate a website to bring people to Kodiak, Alaska for photography charters. I have spent huge amounts of time on the beaches, in the deep wildernesses. I have come across beauty and potent healing spaces and places that I wanted to share with people who were interested in spiritual photography and even just photography in general. Some of the people passing through that I had and met in Kodiak and ended up taking them on some tours recommended that I begin a touring service. It was appealing so I began to go about gathering photos of my beloved homeland. I was busy that whole summer taking pictures for the website, trying to capture the energy of the places that are so dear to my heart.

Then everything changed from one click to another. Orbs ~lots of orbs. Orbs like I’d never seen before, doing things that I could have never guessed. When I finally noticed ‘something’ was going on, I began to focus on the orb photos rather than a photography touring shoot. I have to say, I’d never been so consistently stunned in my whole life and I’ve had some ‘moments’. The ‘stun mode’ hasn’t gone away since last March when they consistently began to evolve.

In the early days, I had two Fuji cameras ~ one higher end, and one lower end Fujis. Before I realized what was presenting itself to me and the fact that I was so utterly astounded, it took me awhile to realize that when the energy got really intense from their presences, that the buttons would not work on the camera. I also have to say I am not impressed with the quality of the Fuji’s and soon bought a new pink Sony, which I still use today after 150,000 photos and over 1500 videos. I would repeatedly try to get the camera to take a picture….and the cameras wouldn’t work. I didn’t realize then that no pictures were taken until they allowed it. And they do pose. And if they don’t want to be seen, they aren’t. The cameras seemed to work in tandem, using one and then another until it wouldn’t work again, and then back to the first one. I grew up with loggers, cowboys, truck drivers and fishermen so my vocabulary can be …er….a little colorful at times. What a way to begin our visible relationship with them. Let it be said that my vocabulary has changed Considerably since my interactions with the pearles.

The first 1000 photos were taken with these two bum Fuji cameras. What happened every time I was shooting photos was the larger view finder on each of the Fuji’s would totally black out. I could feel the energy of the pearles whenever they were close dimensionally. I could see them with my eyes for the most part, but I could not tell what the camera was capturing on the digital card. I was impulsed to continue, even though my fingers were so cold I could hardly move them. March through May is still very cold on Kodiak.

In the early days, I took some night time photos with orbs in them, mostly taken in Hawaii. The majority, if not all (minus the Hawaiian orbs) are taken in daylight. The orbs/pearles come in on existing light that present themselves in my photography. The same pearles that show up in the daylight, show up at night, but they are not as visual. I do see them at night before I go to sleep, sometimes are more active than others. They do not look quite the same as the images in my photography. They are quite active and seem to flash in and out. Recently, when I see them with my naked eye, they are very very close to me, sometimes inches from my face.

Also in the early days, listening to other people’s opinions, there were times I thought it was all lens flare, but the pearles would immediately prove to me that they were not merely lens flare. Lens flare doesn’t have a consciousness nor are they able to communicate and place themselves in conspicuous places that have significance to myself. It took me awhile yet to begin to video them in motion. That was the clincher in my doubting phase.

When the consistent energy became too intense for me, or I became too cold, or I my card was full, I’d go to our local Wal-Mart and print them out. The first 100 I printed put me into such a stunned experience, that I couldn’t talk and was seriously disoriented, and I was still stuttering as I showed them to my friend. I still couldn’t talk. I couldn’t even stutter.

Weather pretty much runs our lives in Alaska and there were few days that there was enough light to get the camera out again. By June, I had almost 15,000 photos. The more I show up, the more they show me. I think in those early days, I was in a pretty consistent stun mode. With the Fuji’s I could never see in the viewfinders, so I would not have any idea what was going to show up in the photos. Looking at each photo was similar to unwrapping a Christmas present, with childlike awe as well.

We began having experiences that made us understand we could communicate with them. They were already communicating with us, but since we were so stunned, we didn’t realize it was happening. Then they got really obvious. Sometimes the blonde jokes do apply and I guess my pearley colored hair qualifies me as a त्रुए blonde.

Every day had a new theme in the photos, as if they were taking me one step further into understanding what they are about. They revealed a little more each day. I began to put the pieces together through hindsights. I have grown to like existing in a realm of wonder and blessings.

Slowly, piece by piece, experiences and past knowledge came to shed light on what was happening in my life. In the early days, I used to think the pearles came from the land I was standing on or the ocean I was on/in. After a few people pointed out to me that they were around ‘me’ and not coming from the land…I had to sit down by myself, way out in the woods for awhile on that one. From that point on, the pearles continued to show me things that confirmed that line of thinking. It was quite a stretch for me and I’ve been around a few blocks in my day.

I’m thankful for my friend Gayla being open minded in those days. We had been acquaintances over the years, even sharing the same spelling of our Danish last names which is rare and even rarer, being on a remote island in Alaska. She began to get interested in spiritual stuff when I would begin to share my stories with her. She was a new kid on the block to spirituality when these photos began to appear in my life. Good thing our Danish blood has some stability in it!

Just about when we settled down into the amazement of what the orbs were showing us, the rays showed up. They call themselves ‘tubulars’ and have a different frequency and purpose than the pearles. Just as the pearles showed us something different every day, the tubulars did the same. The colorings are spectacular and the energy is just as spectacular. The colors of the rays have covered every hue, at times being very pastel and laser like and other times, very full and flowing with rainbow colors. The rays aren’t usually the same color from the beginning of the ray to the bottom of the ray. The colors weave & blend and change. There are often small pearles that come down on the rays. The rays also dance like the northern lights in waves. It is rare to see a pearle within the rays. All of the photos in my slideshows and videos are unique and not common in the photography. In the photo shoots, they always build up energy as they birth a series of pearles. In the beginning of a shoot, it always starts out slow. Rather like sitting at a meeting where everyone shows up and introduces themselves. Then they begin their rhythms and presenting me with a culmination photo and then the energy recedes the same way it was building up. Then they begin another process to show another form of pearle. There is such a heart activation every time we are in their presence, whether while physically taking the photos or the literal images in the photos. I can always feel when it’s time to take some more photos or that they want to show me something, or it’s time for another frequency download.

I was flying back to Kodiak from Honolulu in June of 2006 before my photography became so prevalent in my life. I was really exhausted as I’d just finished the training to get my Merchant Marine Document at 50 years of age. I was still reeling from the intensity of the week when I heard a distinct voice over my right shoulder say “Watch the skies for outrageous beauty”. I had no idea what they were talking about and even turned around to look to see if one of the stewardesses said it. No such luck. I wondered, as I often have at their comments, what they were talking about. I had no conscious idea. August began with some pretty outrageous beauty from the sky, which more than likely is why my nickname of ‘Sky’ was chosen all those years ago.

One of the things I learned when the Fuji’s wouldn’t work was IF I would have taken the photo when I was trying to, they would never have been as spectacular as if I would have waited until they allowed the camera to operate correctly. This is still consistent. They literally pose for the camera and they are only seen, when they want to be seen. At one point early on, on a very cold beach, they literally came to the small viewfinder, right beside my left eye, and were looking down the view finder to see what they looked like on the other end. At the same time, others gathered around the other end of the lens and looked into the lens to see what I looked like. Yikes! I was a little jumpy in those days.

After coming down to the states to my friends’ houseboat on Lake Union in Seattle, did I realize they do not like city life. They love trees and flowers and wild grasses and water. They are of wild things and places because I was of wild things and nature. There is no natural wildness in the city. I began to call them in and they showed me spectacular rays with the houseboats as background. There was some very intriguing orb footage of them going under the boat that I was sitting on taking the afternoon photos. Being Alaskan fishing girls, we liked to sleep on the pleasure boat tied up to the houseboat in the summer. What we didn’t count on was the pearles proceeding to rock the boat most of the night. These motions weren’t like wave motions T hey were random movements that would rock the boat in unnatural movements. There were times I felt like I was 6 again and I could see them during the night then too and in those days I was afraid of the darker than dark energies I could see moving around me and very close to me. There were a couple of times I almost got up and went into the houseboat so I could get some sleep. But each night we slept deeper than ever, even though my bunk was difficult to fully stretch out on. Still not sure what they are up to under the water, but it felt like an earthquake going on under the boat for the 3 weeks that we slept out there. There are so many stories, so many experiences. Some of them made perfect sense and some of them are past bizarre. I am so much more skilled at keeping the mental body out of the way in this process. Even though at the time some of the experiences seem strange, they are consistently beyond awesome. There are still times when with my jaw still drops and I exit out the closest door like a rocket, to take a much needed walk to clear my overly-stretched mind.

My friend Gayla and I went to an orbs conference in Sedona in May and brought home maybe a thousand desert pictures with lots of orbs/pearles and rays in them. This was the first time they appeared when anyone else was with me. While we were out in the desert, one of the speakers at the orbs conference mentioned that orbs love hand movements. So I asked Gayla to move her hands around as she stood on the other side of the dirt road while I was clicking away. When we had the photos printed out, there was a huge orb in between Gaylas hands…twice. She said it was her Vanna White pose and it would be hard to believe it wasn’t staged somehow. It’s a rather ‘you had to be there’ kind of experience.

We spent last winter in Hawaii on the Big Island. One night about 12 of the local boys snuck down the beach just as it got dark. There were no lights of any kind on the beach where everyone was camping. They proceeded to severely assault most of the campers as is the way of their houlie beatdowns. I had gone to the car to get something out of it and Gayla had taken the cell phone up around the corner to make a phone call in the only hot spot in the campground. When I walked back to the beach to sit on the sand and listen to the waves, all I could hear was grunts and groans and an angry woman’s raised voice. When my eyes adjusted, I was walking behind a fellow camper (Hi Hefner!) when the locals began dispersing with a little bit of energy work involved. They had severely beat an elderly grandfather in front of his 5 grandchildren and wife. There was a pregnant woman there who was in the same situation and on and on. To make this gruesome story short, we returned the next day and camped there that night, along with quite a few other people. I took quite a few orb photos that night and the orbs that were there on Ho’okena were terrified. They flocked to the trees by the hundreds. The terror energy from them was certainly palpable. A few nights later, they were nowhere to be found – at least not in their regular hangout above everybody’s head around a picnic table there. They were back in the trees above everybody’s tents on the backside of the beach…hundreds of them.

I’m always curious to see what is showing up in everyone’s photos. While the pearles are very similar, there is a substantial coloring difference. These photos are healing tools and their beauty never cease to amaze me. Even after 3 years, I am still astounded to see the images in the photography. I now know a little more about why that it happens. Their intention is to transform humanity’s consciousness, to instill a deep peace that dissolves racial boundaries. Unity in the human race will bring on the future we all desire –to live in harmony, with good will towards all, and everyone’s needs are met. I’ve read so many books that talk about this process without providing a map. They are here to assist us as the human species with the choice we all face in continuing to struggle to survive or to choose to thrive. They have said it’s all very simple, while it’s all very complex from the beginning. I have to say, that in coming down into the states in July of 2007, this country is in deeply disturbed. We hear about it up ‘north’, but we have a bit of buffered immunity up there, that is rapidly becoming less and less. I’m seriously uncomfortable in the chaos here.

We did many presentations showing people pearle photos & videos. The same thing happens every time….it brings us back to the question of our bare essentials as humans. The real questions within every race. What are we doing here? Why are we here? Who are we. There has to be more than ‘this’ and what have we done to Mother Earth? WHO are these orbs/pearles? What else is out there? We weren’t put here to be a bump on a log, but what have we done as a race to each other and to the planet? And what are we going to do about it? I continually see the hopelessness in the faces of the drivers in the cars that pass us by daily… the ones that want to come up the backside of you because you are in their way and then they honk at you. That’s not life. That’s not thrival. Have they become mindless while continuing to choose to struggle to survive. Somebody left the crab bait in the bucket out back for too long.

It seems like a raise in consciousness is a good beginning place in this chaotic state we find ourselves in collectively. Since we’ve been experiencing the pearles and tubulars, we have shifted so profoundly within our own selves. They say, change takes time and we have no time to waste. In the beginning of communicating with these consciousnesses, they said they were the Creator’s Ace. Judging from people’s reactions, from my own reactions….it smells like truth. As more people interact with them, their frequencies will come out of the photo or video or slideshow and touch you. Once you are touched by their frequencies, your life begins to change, you begin to change, your life simplifies and you begin to make new choices. This ‘touch’ often feels like sudden heat or tingles. This ‘touch’ can’t be demanded or even asked for. Their orchestrations are from beyond a realm our human minds understand. They teach through experience and while I know what I know about them through experience and through the 15 years’ worth of channelings, there is still so much to learn. I know we have only touched the tip of this iceberg.

Before the pearles became visible, I was working in a chemical dependency center in Kodiak. They hired me because of my alternative healing background and told me to fill in any gaps I could see. I had a strong co-dependency education and had taught many classes about it while I was still stateside. Before I realized what was happening, I developed a program that incorporated co-dependency education with a book called Four Agreements (Miguel Ruiz) with astounding results. I also have 20 years of energy work under my belt and did energy work with these people and then I taught them how to do some basic energy work for themselves. The miracles were amazing and the situation was very fulfilling to participate in. While I was still in Alaska, I would run into some of the people I had taught at the center and they said the energy work impacted them more than anything. The groups of people I worked with had a higher success rate than those without these teachings. The pearles had given me a healing prayer language over these past 12 years. I had taught this language privately since 1995 throughout the states and when I explained how healing energy worked to these clients, they were ecstatic to learn more. And so I taught them what the pearles had taught me over the years in a beginner’s format. I had no idea at that time, that they would show themselves visually all these years later. In the channelings they would talk about working with people with addictions. I had no idea they could cure addictions. These photos are so profound in their frequencies and beyond beautiful in their visual presentations. They speak of ‘soft power’ often. All these years later, I understand it more and more. They speak about the more that humanity interacts with them, the quicker transformation.

They speak frequently of laughter being the best medicine. After our initial shock wore off, often there is a bout of laughter that we have no control over. There were times when I would pass one photo after another to Gayla to see, we both find that it’s all we can do to move our hands, to give or to take the picture from one another. I’ve been told angels communicate through laughter and it certainly feels like we are enveloped in huge angel wings.

One other oddity that we’ve consistently noticed was during the first week after I’d printed the photos, we realized the photos continue to develop their color intensities. There have been times when we were watching videos and the pearles in the videos had shifted significantly from the previous time we’d watched them. Living light is just that. Once a person has assimilated the blessings from that particular pearle, sometimes the photo will fade somewhat. At other times, the photos’ colors remain the same. In my current pods that I’ve had for over a year, they are all still prolific in their colorings. And then there’s the story for another time about the flyby from a UFO in Washington state. More often than not the energy confused photo printing machines to the point of overheating them, to the point of smoke in Sedona.

We have noticed that every essence of our lives have shifted for the better. Sometimes the process of getting to the ‘better’ made us think otherwise, but it always has wisdom in the orchestrations, even if our human minds don’t understand them all the time. The pods are a personal recipe into ascension. They have brought my shattered family back together after numerous years of separation. The healings have been incredible and that story will be for another writing as well. We can feel cellular shiftings, weight changes, body shape changes. Patterns we’ve had all our lives are changing and always for the better. All of a sudden my strong fear for bears was gone. I’m not afraid of heights any longer. I’ve been completely white headed for the past 10 years. About a month into this experience, my hair began rapidly turning shades of brown and gold, even with black and auburn hairs again. At this point, my hair is a unique pearley color with just about every color of hair represented on my head. We’ll see where this one goes. Surprises have become a way of life.

In their presentation in the skies, they are showing us arial crop circles. I don’t realize how many experiences we’ve had with them until I begin talking about them. It’s always so much easier when I’m asked questions, otherwise this Gemini tends to get a little wordy. :o)

When I began this adventure, I had never uploaded photos to my computer from a camera. I had never copied anything onto a cd. And I had never used any kind of program to make a slideshow, let alone a video. When I started taking videos with my camera is when I knew beyond a doubt that this was for real. Lens flare doesn’t pulse or move laterally or slide under my feet. Since then, we have footage of the pearles going underwater and then disappearing…and then a large plasma brings them back to the surface again and off in the air they go. The orange plasma then sped out into the middle of Lake Union. There are footages of these orbs being bombarded with other colorings. There are footages of them moving and weaving their grid weavings. I’ve seen them get as large as Barometer Mountain in Kodiak, perfectly shielding the gorgeous mountain. There is no doubt they pose. In their posing, they often point something out….like a perfect dragonfly in the middle or a perfect bald eagle. I’ve seen them around fish in the Ballard Lochs. I have photos of orbs in raindrops on my son’s birthday. One of the most spectacular pearles showed up when I was on a frozen lake (January) in Montana near Glacier Park where I had lived as a young girl. I hadn’t been back there in 40 years. So many wonderful memories were there and then the rainbow pearle softly entered from the side of my viewfinder. They have given us brilliant light displays in the dark of night in the deep woods. They have came single file in through my bedroom winter on the eve of my Mayan birthday (Mayan astrology). And my son in laws’ life ended early in the morning on April 1 in 2007. Unbeknownst to me, I had been on the beach later that day taking photos – only rays showed up and one small turquoise light form. Later at his parent’s place, I saw a photo of him taken a year before his death, with a banner of rays on the left side of the photo, the same rays as I was taking photos of the day his life ended. I’ve seen the light rays bend and touching a fire on the beach. There are photos of a huge pearle, shielding a large spruce tree in a luscious green grass meadow with an beautiful bald eagle perched on the top of the tree. I didn’t see the eagle with my eyes, so was surprised when the pearle was point it out by enveloping it. There is a photo of two horseshoes in a pearle in a place where I was doing a personal photo shoot, unbeknownst to me that she used to ride horses in that very spot when she was young. Some photos have thousands of small pearles in them. We now know that we become portals for this energy to enter this plane of existence. Gayla’s face is in one of the orange plasma photos. There is a eye shaped pearle that flew under my feet and gave me a spiritual buzz unlike anything I’ve ever felt. So many experiences and in the hindsights the teachings still come.

In the beginning, none of the photos had any kind of enhancement at all. About two years into the experience, I began to pull the color out with a slight touch of contract and a slight touch of brightness. At times there is a plasma type substance covering the whole photo. By removing the plasma, the photo comes alive. I’ve often felt that the plasma is a shield for the intensities of the energies before they are printed. I don’t use any special lenses. I copy the photos onto cd’s and then I go back through them and pull the best ones and work from them when I make videos. The energy from the photos plays havoc with my computer more often than not. Working with live light has it’s challenges. Over the years, we’ve come to an agreement and it’s easier than it was these days. But making a video never goes smoothly and requires a whole days’ time to create. I sift through hundreds of photos to find the ‘gems’ that you see in the videos. The photos are of the ‘processes’ they go through to present the gem, so not each one of the 150,000 photos is gem quality. You can see in the photography that series of frequencies are built up and then presenting the gems and then the energy goes through the same process fading back down to only begin again. Always at the end of a photo shoot, there are more amazing shots than in the beginning. It’s as if their energy has to get a momentum going. My shoots usually last two hours each. The videos are the same way.

I’ve also have fairy footage and stills. They show up in the photos as very interesting geometries sometimes, hard to recognize as fairies as their talent at camoflauge is so profound, but their movements tell on them. Recently, I saw a fairy energy that looked like a reflection from a mirror in the sun. It was shaped like an elongated diamond shape. I thought it was a reflection of my beveled watch face in the sun. I moved my wrist around seeing if the ‘reflection’ would synchronize with my watch movements. No effect on the reflection as it continued to flit back and forth. I moved my camera a few times, still no effect. As soon as I realized it was a fairy it shot straight into a nearby bush. I’ve seen them pose as tree leaves, and in the middle of an early pearle. It’s amazing how many of the pearles have some type of camouflage ability to blend in with nature. Sometimes the rays will have a brown colored ray similar to a branch and if the eye doesn’t catch it, you’d never know. There are photos of an orb chasing a car ~ reminded me of the crazy dogs that chase cars…and then it came back to me. I’ve had many personal experiences with them that I intend to write about when time permits. They have so much personality and softness about them. Ever since these orbs/pearles came visibly into my life, my old life is gone and it seems I spend most of my time downloading photos from my camera to the computer and then putting them on cd’s, always with lots of body heat sensations. When I look at the pictures, it is always so much like Christmas and I never know when something new is going to show up.

I apologize for the lack of information on the website. What was true in the beginning has more information added to it now. So I’ll be writing more soon. One thing that keeps coming around is that the pearles are about experience and we learn through the experience. There isn’t much fodder for the mental body. But the information that is here is certainly intriguing. I’ll be writing again soon. Please check back to the website and check often on YouTube (www.youtube.com/MontanaNightSky) Holding still and trying to put into words, experiences that cannot be explained, that are so heart filled and profound is a challenge for this girl that likes to be in the deep woods. I also know that I have only begun. Only through experience, do you really ‘know’, any of the ancient peoples know that one. When you’ve been touched by them, there can be no denying. And no matter what anybody else tells you, no matter what their credentialing, you know there’s truth in the experience and that has been my teacher as well. As a consciousness, they are very big on not giving your power away. Once they touch you with their energy, your shift in consciousness begins. And that is how the wisdoms are gleaned and through this ‘touch’ is how they are going to play their part in transforming humanity. Just to be clear, there is a format to interact with them that I teach in the workshops for people who wish to work with the pods found on my website. I will soon have the procedure to purchase a pod verbalized so we can get this (light) party started.

In closing, I’d like to say I am just a simple ‘girl’ from the wildernesses of Montana and Alaska. I prefer the positions along the walls of any room, if you can capture me long enough to even get me in a room or building. I used to be shy and people who know me now have a hard time believing that one. I used to be afraid of the dark, because I could see these shapes moving close to me then. I prefer the beautiful beaches and the beautiful trails and nooks and crannies of the deep woods with my only companions being eagles and ravens, and times bear…and pearles ~ the more remote the better, the louder the silence the better,the closer the raven call the better. The further I am in nature, the more full the pearles are in their presentation. I believe in integrity and doing my best. I believe in true compassion for one another. This America world scares me with it’s harshnesses. What happened to us??!!

My beloved Danish grandmother began teaching me some spiritual knowledges when I was small. Little did I know, her sharings would pave the way for the direction I was to travel in my lifetime. I’ve been a vessel for healing energies for over 30 years and have traveled and taught such for many years. These experiences are beyond my wildest dreams and I am most humbled. I’ve spent most of my life living amongst Native Americans, as native blood flows in my veins as well. One of my old native friends in Kodiak said I better take my camera back and get my money back after he’d seen the photos and mentioned something about LSD.

I have never known what WU was about before hand. Everything I’ve learned has been through steep trust and hindsight.. There is a day upcoming where I will be going through the 15 years’ worth of channeling and then I will really learn what these frequencies are about. WU has always been cutting edge, and it seems that isn’t going to change. I have to say it’s been extremely challenging and I quit a few times because I was weary, but in my bones… I know beyond a doubt that this is what I’m here to share with the world. I also have to say…I am thriving, my life is changing about as fast as I can keep up with, simplifying and then simplifying again. I am not typical or usual in many ways, and I guess I am indeed, just a wild woman with no intention of changing or conforming. Sorry mom.

These blessings that have found their way into my life astound me. I look at my pods every day, and each day I’m as astounded as the first day I saw them. Amazement has become a way of life and I think I like it! Pods are a collage type matting with multiple pearles in them that retain a laser type focus of frequency. These energies work with us from the pods during our sleep and during the day, but at night is when we travel the dimensions, shamaanah-ing our way back into wholeness, back into thrival. For the feminine does not war, the feminine heals and educates. It’s such an amazing and deep experience that I love to share with all who are interested in my work. We will be adding a subscription button soon for those who wish to keep up with the unfoldments.

I have resided on Kodiak Island, in Alaska since 1999. I am a connoisseur of deep Nature and am dedicated to the expansion of personal and planetary consciousness which is why I came to the states again. There’s a deep place in my heart where I can still smell the air in my Kodiak bay on a early sunny morning in the summertime, feel the seaweed and clam shells under my feet on the beach, hear that raven fluently speaking words to me, sacred words, the wind caressing my body as I move down that beloved beach, and when I look down at the sand on the beach…there is a heart shaped rock…again. And with Raven’s approval & encouragement…I remain south.

Deep peace to you my friend

Pearley Sky

Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, comments or suggestions.


~ by PearleySky on 10/16/2009.

7 Responses to “5.28.09 HOW IT ALL BEGAN”

  1. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  2. Aloha,
    Enjoyed your story of the orbs and fairies. I’ve discovered them last March and now tons of photos. Been told there is a multidimentional portal where i live and work . Am enjoying the experiance. Trying to make a blog though not real great with the computor . Thanks for sharing your story. I dont feel like i’m the only one experiancing this wonderful discovery. Some of my friends think im nuts. When i show them my photos there world is suddenly upside down.

    • I’d love to see some of your photos. There are quite a few of us on facebook who share our photos and our experiences. The similarities we have are very interesting. We have our own jokes about others thinking we are crazy and we have fun with it. Your experience may be more than a portal near you – you may be connected with the beings that show up in your photography as you may share the same origination points. Do you communicate with them? Have you noticed how they are attempting to communicate with you?
      deep peace to you

      • Aloha,
        When you mentioned Face Book i decided to post my photos on it. Well, that took forever. Anyways i’ve got most of them on there, still working on captions etc. Search FB for ” Hawaiian Orbs & Fairies ” Communicating with them? Maybe. Im not sure. Maybe the photos will tell the story. I really don’t know whats going on but its fascinating to me.

  3. Hi Pearly Sky man alive woman reading your adventures sounds so much like mine its truly amazing I have captured Fairies and Pearles Orbs and the tubers you talk about I have also got them in my photos with the pearles inside them you can actually see them going through these tubers… I have gotten back into my shaman stuff not realizing that this all comes together I also have a picture of me being touched by one of these wonders we see that happened about two weeks ago… please feel free to email me anytime I can show you also my pics are on my fb page every one of them are on there… yes I do believe its about bringing our frequencies up higher and The Blessings are so AWESOME and Wonderful I know also about healing others and have been working on this as well as meditating thankyou for this page its bringing everything into perspective for me… I live in Northern Ontario and love having the animals so close around me that deer come up to me in my yard to see the sketchings and paintings I am working on… AHO and Blessings to you p.s I also have portals pictures of them at least that is what they look like to me and I felt these portals long before I had ever taken a photo of them… AHO Sky I will be looking for you on Facebook so please add me okay… Aho and Blessings… Norma J

  4. Thank you, Sky, for such a generous, open sharing of your soul story. You’re an amazing and fabulous woman–I’m elated that we connected. Blessings of Love and Light…Aloha! M

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