To deepen your experience in viewing the Heart Light video, mute the sound on this video.  I suggest that you find a piece of music that resonates with your heart. When you are ‘touched’ by these frequencies, you will feel totally enveloped. It is common to feel heart frequency recalibrations, but it is not necessary. These love downloads will not be felt every time in the beginning, nor can you ‘command’ them to touch you. They respond when you are open enough to recieve. Let go and allow the frequencies to carry you to a place of a pristinely rich substance…

Heart Lights activate the subtle regions of the psyche. The unconscious mind already fluently speaks the language of color. One does not require a conscious awareness of any meaning behind these images in order for them to be effective in activating the new energy structures within your being. The images emit their own encodements for thrival templates. Merely look at them, in them and behind them. Turn off your analytical mind and open to resonate with frequencies that desire to share heart space with you. Thrival is a frequency.

Since 1994, I’ve been experiencing an incredible consciousness that offers uplifting recalibration encodement work that shows it’self in my photography.  The photography experiences began in 2005 on a pristinely remote and silent Alaskan beach. Silent except for the sound of the ocean waves.  The images tend to transform consciousness through the eye contact and frequency adjustments with whoever views them and again in a different way with the urth. The shifts emcompass re-encoding of the DNA, minus human rhetoric. I compiled some of the photography and a couple of video clips last spring in this youtube video that I’d love to share with you. The audio is Stuart Wilde’s work.
In response to some questions I have been asked, I would offer the following:

As you absorb more Light into your entire being, your thoughts and
feelings will begin to change. You will desire peace in your life, in
your surroundings. You will move away from discontent, anger, the
busyness of the outer world. You will seek to uncomplicate all areas
of your life, both the inner and the outer. You may ask “how is my inner life complicated?”  Look to your mental and emotional bodies. What thoughts of worry do you hold on to? What concerns? What scenarios generated by others do you ponder over? How much stress do you carry from your daily interactions? All of these thoughts flow from your mental body into your aura.

I find higher light to be all of the above, as a light frequency that is very conscious and highly mentoring. My life has changed profoundly since my experience with this higher light. Their benevolence resounds soft power. I have consciously experienced this frequency for 15 years as a mentoring frequency with my highest good always prevalent, even tho at times i have questioned it profusely 🙂 …silly me.  I am aware that this frequency has been with me since birth.  For a time growing up,  I shut off my recognition of these unusual frequencies as I thought it would make my life easier.

What i love the most about it is that this process does not require a manual, for there is none. Every recalibration happens through your participation ~through eye contact and gentle breathing in of the energies and breathing out of your drosses, a sampling offered in the video to experience. They have always said ‘simple but complex’ and so it is. They function rather as a light tuneup, and a consciousness elevator, planting frequency seeds of growth & beauty while actively forming our lightbodys.

While I do not profess to know everything there is to know about these experiences, I find that many others are channeling information on these frequencies as well. It is up to us to connect the dots. 





~ by PearleySky on 10/16/2009.

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