11.25.09 Comments from another who has seen lights in the sky


A conversation with another who has seen lights in the sky:

Hello Sky and thanks.

I was pretty amazed when I attached the photos and was able to zoom in on the light and saw the pink ring around it, and more colors on the light than without zooming in.

Yes, please tell me whatever you can, you may email me privately also if you choose.

(*) The light is certainly alive and does not behave as we’ve been told light ‘should’.  Photographing living light …..and my mind goes blank…it’s been such an awesome experience.  It’s going on 5 years for my visual experiences… and to think back at how much I’ve shifted in just working with the photography & techniques has rather stopped me in my tracks 🙂  If i were you, I’d communicate with them and let them know you would like to be more involved, if that is the case.

I have been to your blog and read all I can at this late hour and saw the youtube channel. Beautiful pictures indeed! I am loving very much the concept of ‘learning’ through images of beauty ! I love Beauty ! I felt the stirrings of a new and strange peace within when I contemplated learning from imagery, nature and color !I look forward to hearing more from you. Spare no details.

(*) I’ve somewhat logged my journey onto a compilation of ‘sticky notes’.  most of the time, that was all I had close by to write on, sometimes napkins or a scrap piece of paper.    In my experience, these frequencies do not savvy  earthly ways, etc;   their teachings are everything but typical, the way the information comes through is through experience and those experiences are the teacher. The experiences are very personal, and once you’ve completed the experience, they are difficult to recall to share with another.

I also find that if I don’t begin to journal the experience just as it begins (hard sometimes to gauge) that it all begins to flow so fast, and the orchestrations are so prolific that I can’t backtrack.  It’s been like that since the beginning.  It’s such an amazing experience…and such a difficult one to put into words.  Quite the dichotomy 🙂  Sometimes people have such difficulty, for the most part, in truly disengaging the mind and opening to the teachings in experience which are beyond words.   It seems like everything about this experience is ‘beyond’ everything.  I find I am quite beyond my family circle, my tribal circle and exist in peace in the solitudes of deep nature more than with others these days 🙂  They certainly provide an ascension process which begins visually.  One has to be fully aware to understand all the orchestrations that occur when you are fully onboard.

I am taught through resonance because I am so familiar with their frequencyand what they feel like, that they are able to guide me as an ‘insertion point’ if I am reading something that they can teach me through, or a movie, or a conversation…the same way that you ‘feel’ to take a photo is the same ‘feel’ you get when they are trying to teach you something. They are mentors and begin with ‘where you are’, no matter where you are at on the ascension trail.

In my experience, the frequencies are connected to the crust of the earth and the space between the spaces under the oceans throughout the planet. The light language they introduced over these past 16 years all have an elemental foundation.  Both elemental as in fairies, dragons, unicorns (mythological realms) and as earth/air/fire/earth elements.  The elements are of a frequency that is not of earth…they said ‘the true essence of the universal elements’.

While these beings did not originate the language they delivered to me, they did use this language to save their planet.  This same language has also evolved them into ascension, so they can assist this planet’s progress.  This language also facilitates the healing in the mythological, angelic and archetypal realms.  The language itself is a self-aware conscious language – a frequency in words, words that are alive. The experiences with the language is always profound.  I had no idea, the consciousness was going to become visible through my photography, but what else would a light language do?   In the beginning, I was so stunned, not realizing it was going to become a way of life.

It’s so much easier to speak about what I know with questions. One doesn’t realize how it becomes second nature, I never know where to begin, which is the way it’s always been, even when we were attempting to describe the experiences with the language.

I know this is what I’m here to do and share with the world.  They are teaching me how to use their frequency as a merkaba healing technology, as well as work that anchors us to our original starry homes and the gifts gleaned in this return.

My hands are rather full at the moment.  I’m working on putting together a few more videos for people to experience.   The learning curve has been steep.

Deep peace to you



~ by PearleySky on 11/26/2009.

2 Responses to “11.25.09 Comments from another who has seen lights in the sky”

  1. Wow in reading your experience i felt as if I myself were there. Thank you and many blessings sister in light!

  2. Beautiful!

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