I was recently having a blatant hissy fit over a seeming lack of spiritual support in this 3d material realm during a recent trip to Hawaii.   I fully understand orchestrations. I have participated in them all my life. The mechanics of this ‘job’ in Hawaii was beyond me at that moment and I felt totally unsupported in this endeavor I was fully guided to undertake.  After 3 weeks of intense interaction with an employer who was very toxic on all levels, I found myself seeking relief floating on my back in a hotpond.   I was enveloped into Pele’s womb in 95ish degree water, unlike any other I have ever experienced.


I can describe in many words the utter exhaustion I was feeling, but I will suffice to say ‘bone weary’.  For the first hour of floating, I released imprintings & effects that showed themselves through my interactions with her, inquiring and at times demanding more support for this quest that is my life mission.  What was revealed later after my return to Washington state was far more than I realized at the time of the experiences.


The orchestration in how I ended up in Hawaii was enough to understand that there was deep reason for me to be there.  Evidently I had a pattern of slavery there that I needed to release.  I surrendered to my situation and myself fully, expanding my light often. This slavery pattern was one of annhilation and while I was in it, I did not yet realize the scope and vastness of the pattern. It was to be a full root chakra rendering.


I continued to fully relax and float, observing what passed in my mind for more releasing.  Floating in the deep warmth, experiencing myself being so far gone and then back and totally gone again and again was  a non-stop process.  My mind quieted and I fell into the abyss of the wumb of Pele, which turned out to be a deeper wumb of my ocean mother.  I continued to float and release through my breath until I reached a point where I could feel other energies approaching me in the water.


I felt the spirit of a grandmother sea turtle slide underneath me, with her belly side offered to me as support for my body to rest upon.   Immediately two female dolphins lined each side of this watery cradle bed.  Their energies were profoundly soft, profoundly nurturing and supporting.  They came into place so fast as I was falling deeper and deeper into oblivion. The spirit of a elder mother gray whale appeared to hover over me, speaking to me in vibratory frequencies of support, mentioning my support comes from the ocean, particularly this ocean.  She continued to speak to me as she massaged my energy fields, releasing the drosses that permeated my fields from this recent onslaught, originating throughout ancient enslavement timelines in this planetary structure.  At that point, she offered me a rebirthing experience; releasing me from my 3d birth mother.  she then peeled my dna and I could see codes reinserting themselves along my spine, arriving from the feminine side.  All those years ago they had murmured ‘own your spine’, lending hindsight understanding once again, as is their way.  They continued to guide me down the birth canal, into this same hotpond wumb, surrounded by more sea turtles and dolphins, more Pele, more ‘she’s’.  Relax….trust….breathe they murmured to me.   They had spoke so often about heart/home/hearth over the years which led to hindsights & teachings for me. 


I soaked in the frequencial nurturings, as I knew that my old skin was gone, all in the blink of an eye.


I stayed in the water two more hours.  By the time I left, I was drained, but filled with new light, new understanding and had no idea how intensely I was going to process over the next 9 days.


The next day I returned to the hotpond for 5 hours.  Nothing cathartic this time, only a true visual.  At one point, I walked around the pond, drinking in the oceanic offerings. I was standing in a isolated area in the palm trees, along the coastline…I found myself deeply mesmerized by the ocean waves emitting such a power beyond control.  Mezmerized…………watching waves come in and go out…….mesmerized by the beautiful turquoise color of the water, clicking my camera, catching the energy. 


After a long numb while, I realized there was something riding the waves, only to disappear before the waves crashed upon the lava beach.  Sea turtles…. hundreds of sea turtles as my breath caught in my lungs. Relax….trust….breathe they murmured to me.


I find this learning in Trust comes in layers upon layers. I seem to be being totally removed from depending upon anything worldy to support myself.  I have worked in the healing professions & chemical dependency fields for close to 30 years.  I have not worked (for long) in any mundane job for the past 5 years. My supply comes from the universe and my needs are met….relax…trust…breathe.  Trust and trust some more…


The next day I flew back to Washington state.  Processing from this experience had me etherically very dazed, very discombobulated, very lifeless.  I was definitely limping, but I was still standing.  My daughter said ‘mom, I’ve never seen you like this.’   I said ‘ I know’ as she drove me along the winding tree-lined roads down onto tribal beaches by the longhouse.  I was painfully sensitive to any and all noise.  Being around people was a form of cruelty as I moved more and more ‘into my shell’.  Breathing and releasing, feeling near the end of my rope, no life-giving hand anywhere.  Breathing out a deep despair….breathe and release…breathe and release…relax….trust….breathe…..


I had been participating in another ning site in which a man named ‘eagle medicine’ had posted a story about ‘turtle medicine’.  I had been home for about 8 or 9 days when I began to read his post.  From the day of my rebirthing, I had forgotten the incident.  I was still so far out of my body, I nearly skipped over his blog. I heard a voice in my head say ‘TURTLE MEDICINE’ even tho my mind  was wandering elsewhere already.  I began reading Jon’s story.  At one point, I wondered where his turtle medicine story was and the next moment his turtle message began. My eyebrows raised as I continued to read, his turtle message was the same as the one I received….relax….trust….breathe.  I began to feel myself shift out of the depths of my soul.


His story repeated ‘relax…trust…breathe’  enough that it brought back the memory of what had happened to me in the hotpond…and just that fast,  I had totally forgotten what had happened in the rebirthing process in the hotpond.   I was so lost in the quagmire of my own drosses. I felt like a heavy anchor had been removed from my leg and I was rising rapidly to the surface for some much needed air!  Poof! I was back minus any despair and then some.  It’s been a month since I read Jon’s sharing and I am still unfolding, but have never felt so whole.


The day before I had read Jon’s story about visioning on the mountain….and when I read his words ‘don’t stay in the spirit world overlong…you must return to humanity’….. click, click, shift…click, click shift… click, click shift…i found myself rustling under the leaves, beginning the return at that point… without realizing what was happening to me through his sharings, through his energy that permeates his writings, through our mutual native based teachings.   


The shift is incredible. I have never felt so present, so whole.  The experience was fully orchestrated, even the demon queen employer  Don’t you just love it when people play their parts so well?  If it wasn’t for this toxic woman I was graced with experiencing – I would have never made it to that hotpond….on that specific day…at that specific time….for that specific shift.  Such are the orchestrations.


I extended my gratitude to Jon for his willingness to share his own turtle medicine story as it was pivotal in assisting me to return from some very heavy internal depths. I understand ‘dip in and dip out’ but this one felt like I was just falling deeper into the abyss.…literally feeling as though I was being held down under the surface of the water….truly on my soul knees, spine curved as my chin rested wearily on my chest, the only stance I could muster.




Experience remains my prevalent teacher.  My connection with my point of origin shall remain my prime teacher as well. I deeply appreciate like minded people who can understand, for this pathway attempts to be lonely in places even though I am a person who loves my solitudes.


Indeed, chop wood, carry water.



Sky Pedersen


Tulalip Reservation, Washington


~ by PearleySky on 11/26/2009.

3 Responses to “TURTLE MEDICINE”

  1. I really enjoyed reading your post, keep on posting such interesting posts!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!

    • thanX Boatmom! i don’t think i’ve been disoriented & rattled to my bones like that one before – was a serious wiping of the bottom of the barrel. Would be interested to hear if you notice any processing as well. Learning how to work with the energy has & is quite the learn! deep peace to you girl Sky

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