CRYSTALLINE ORBS by James Tyberron

 Quite often, I come across articles written by other people, sometimes channeled. While I have written communication with these frequencies beginning in 1994, their information has always been more about the ascension pathway that they have provided for us over these past 16 years.  They have also taught me over the years, through books, movies, others’ conversations, through nature,  etc.  They seem to ‘ride on my shoulder’ when this happens, and often times they will have me read a paragraph (or more) over and over a few times, when i don’t realize yet that they are teaching me something. Most often, I can feel the energy change and know a teaching is about to begin. 

Often times, this type of information will tie into something that I’ve recently experienced.  I don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel, and so in the wonder of the magic presented, I share with you these informational pieces.

This piece was written through  James Tyberron  and Metatron.  James’ work has often correlated with the phases I have undergone in this process.  I am aware that other channels are utilized to bring information to me (and others), supporting the orbular processes.    Much thanks to James for all that he does for the planet and sharing his information with us.

Crystalline Orbs

Among these effects are the phenomena you refer to as Orbs. These will vastly increase in quantity and quality. Orbs are not new to the Earth dimensions, but were stepped down from crystalline in order to be tangible in duality. These most often occurred as blue or golden spheres before the establishment of the 144 Crystalline Grid. The Crystalline Orbs are light energies of higher dimension and operate in crystalline function. They are receptacles and tools of coded Akash and are evidence of the increasing presence of the Quantum Crystalline Field. They contain requisite particulate of matter/antimatter imbued with purposed intent, or blueprints.

They are Divine Conscious Intelligence that hold keys to the earth and humanities re-formation. To be more precise, they are magnetic blueprints that beckon and attract higher energies that complete the process and link the chains of transformational operandi. They are catalytic mechanisms of the Ascension, and occur in myriad geometrical matrixes. Some of the orbs are for the MerKiVic transformation of humans, and others are for the macro conversion of the planet.

Orbs are crystalline charges of expansion. At present most humans can only see these ‘orbs’ through digital technology photograph images and intuitive ‘third eye’ perception. The Crystalline phase of the Cosmic Trigger will enable these to be seen with the naked eye for those of you who attract them thru your light quotient and MerKiVic advancement.

Excerpted from:
The Cosmic Trigger Phase II – AAMetatron via James Tyberonn.pdf

and another…

Orbs Are Metatronic Crystalline Codes

  The quickening of the crystalline energy is evidenced by the appearance of what you term ‘orbs’. Indeed these have created quite a stir in the ‘New Age’ of metaphysics. We tell you these orbs are tangible evidence to those of you who see them and photograph them on your digital technology cameras. Orbs are one very real aspect of the emerging crystalline field on the earth. Those of you that choose to evolve into Crystalline MerKaNa will indeed begin attracting and generating orbs as you achieve the Integrity of Sacred Oneness. 

  These are affirmation of increased and increasing ability to perceive energies of higher dimension within the coherent light of the Divine Self. 

You see, crystalline orbs are geometric emanations of Metatronic coherent light. They are codes and communications that are the demonstrative underpinnings of revelations. Revelations that reveal that the overlaying veils that have separated your from the ‘Impeccable Gestalt’ of Creator God are evaporating. 

There are several types of orbs. Some are for humanity in mass, others for individuals. All orbs are of Metatronic origin and carry a coded geometric imprint of unique purpose. The ones that are charged masses of swirling energy, are (*among other utilities) etheric energy telegrams. They are then the artists & authors of your true Crop Circles. Others are intended for the individual as you grow into Mer-Ki-Vic, Mer-Ka-Vic and Mer-Ka-Nic Consciousness. These orbs can and do manifest specifically to interact with you as you seek to shed the old fragmented aspects of polarity and develop your coherent crystalline nature.

 The geometrics and crystalline orbs helix in a pattern that assists you in reprocessing and upshifting 12-strand DNA, 6-Strand RNA and the 3 sacred glands. You see crystallization is also required for the pineal, pituitary and thymus. These also are super imposed with the geometrics of the individual level of your Mer-Ki-Va, Mer-Ka-Na and Mer-Ka-Na and rotate in sync within and without them in matter/antimatter flux. These activate a double wave of the infinity pattern within. 


~ by PearleySky on 02/15/2010.

2 Responses to “CRYSTALLINE ORBS by James Tyberron”

  1. I had a wonderful experience with an “Orb” intelligent “light energy” for almost two hours, with these four “whispy white lights” would circle around and around in a counter clockwise motion, evenly spaced as they rotated….then move to the center making a bright “ball of light,” then bounce back out into the four individual “light energies” again. I really began to “play” with this incredible “being,” and it hovered over me, moved in and out from me….one of the four “lights” actually came down to my finger tips….giving me the most incredible feeling of “pure love and peace” !! It was wonderful and totally captivating at the time it was happening!! Unbelievable. I have photos of the regular round type “orbs” all around my apartment where this experience took place. I have been having most incredible “experiences” since April, 1996 and know “we are not alone!” There is so much more awaiting us….just moving one step at a time to learning more and more myself. Thanks for your great information here too! Keeping my eyes, heart and mind open to move forward too!

    Kay Marie

  2. I have been in my spiritual journey since 1974. Today I learn something new. Crystalline Orbs. Very interesting. Thank you. I have been an amateur photographer (started in High School) since 1957, I have taken 10’s of thousands photos. Once in a big while I would see those rounds images and I never knew what they were. I thought they were sun spots. Now I know. Thank You.

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