To Become the Light through Sky Pedersen



Received through Sky Pedersen

4.14.09 in the Poolesville Rain


To become the whole light

sent from far far away

as to remember our own

luminous nature


To remember we came here

to be more than we were

to resonate with Home Light

is to reverberate the

frequency of the Honey in our Hearts

vectoring luminosity to all

whose paths we cross



For our destiny is woven

in the gossamer filaments

Luminous weft

Luminous warp 

Brightness in dark corners

Catalysts in providing Education

in all interactions

with urth, air, water and fire


We are the Light

that has chosen

to deliver

Ancient Luminosity

to a world

who is sorely hungry

for a sustenance

of Rich Substance

forever feeding the heart

with a richness

found no where else in this universe


Honey in the Heart

the Rich Substance

of Soular Nurturing 

to engender a love

so dear

that it brings a tear

to the eye

of all the Great Grandmother Essences

throughout the Whole Cosmoses.


Honey in the holographic heart

sealing ancient fractures

through a hungry DNA

that illuminates all levels

of personal, collective,

planetary & universal DNA






through the

Breath of A WU JU MAYA






~ by PearleySky on 03/17/2010.

One Response to “To Become the Light through Sky Pedersen”

  1. such beautiful,thanks for this poem

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