Orbs by Sky


I’ve been fully ensconced in orb research for the past 5 years.  Information presented is not always true or  it may be for the moment and then it morphs. Orbs teach through experience and that has remained constant throughout my personal experience. Their communication is more of a ‘resonance’. When I am presented with information from another source, the orbs resonate the truth and non-truths  to me. There are times people are writing about something when it’s really the orbular consciousness that is speaking to them or through them. They are so very fully around us and so very conscious. Just as when they want you to take pictures,  they communicate through impulsings. 

 Besides my orb fascination, I also take alot of flower pictures and have been busy this spring in the prolific Seattle area. I’ve recently bought a new camera and my energy hasn’t fully anchored into the camera yet, so in the interum I am seeing into their world at a different level. There are also multitudes of orbular fields in the backgrounds of the flower photos. The orbular energy has a pull to it, and pulled me into recognizing them in the background when I was so intently focused on the flower.

Orbs certainly have a presence to them and are extremely knowledgable about what is going on in our lives. I was ‘notified’ that my grandson would be crossing over two years ago. This happened about a month before the incident. It was actually one of my most spectacular photography days. I was photographing above a maintenance building in Glacier Park.  The snow was about 5 feet deep. I was watching a beautiful violet/purple orb circumferenced by a deep indigo blue. In the next photo, there was an frost angel or fairy embracing  the orb, when they told me about the upcoming death. I’ve always had a ‘we’ll see’ attitude, even though they are always right. That particular experience has rocked my family from one end to the other. I believe the orbs are responsible for fully healing one faction of the family. I have hopes for my two youngest daughters, but nothing yet.

These orbs are something like spirit guides, but beyond  spirit guides. I have done healing work for over 30 years so I am familiar with healing processes. These past 5 years have been the most intense I have ever experienced. They have also given me a recalibration tool through the breath which is phenomenal. What I have learned is that no matter what happens, even the death of an innocent little 6 month old baby, with my family disintegrating right before my eyes, I can still make it through and deal with AnyThing.

The day after my photography experience began, my son-in-law was murdered in Alaska. Many people have shared that their experience with the orbs began with a death in the family. I know this isn’t always the case, but it has been in my world. They certainly offer an ascension path if you have the guts to step onto it. It’s been the hardest but most fascinating thing I’ve ever done and there is no stopping nor no going back.

This orbular experience hasn’t all been gloomy. I’ve had incredible experiences as well. I would also like to insert the thought that when we see familiar faces in the orbs, possibly of deceased loved ones, it could also be that the orb is showing us this face, because they know of our connection with this person,while there are orbs who are the spiritual body’s of deceased ones as well. 

Over the past 3 years, they have been instructing me in how to work with their light. Sometimes it has me spinning so hard, if my body wasn’t holding me in one place, I’d be somewhere out in the cosmos. The pendulum swing is so extreme in these clearings. It’s certainly not for the feignt of heart.

I’ve done alot of teaching in the past, but I’ve also been in a spin cycle that is very personal for the time. Trust is paramount when you surrender to their guidance. 

My latest experience with these frequencies seems to be all about my hair. They are in my hair. They are very small and very beautiful. I have to say that it’s the same process, the same impulsing that the other orbs showed up as, the same process. A very distinct impulse to look in my hair with the camera – not something I’d choose to do on my own. Then I found myself calling them in (in the beginning) and then being present as they show themselves was all something I would have never thought of. I began to notice changes in my hair a few years back. My friends would comment on how different my hair was looking. In those days, my hair was absolutely white. When the photography began, my hair started to turn colors. I have streaks of just about every color in my hair now. Some streaks are blonde, some are black, some are auburn, and rich brown. The texture of my hair has also greatly changed. It’s almost as if every strand is very alive. There have been times when I’ve been out in the wind and I almost feel like a have a medusa (sp) head with my hair going everywhere. I’m working on cropping some of the photos and will be putting together a slideshow and will post it here when it’s done.

When they began addressing me as ‘PearleySky’ I had no idea my hair was going to take on a pearle-like lustre.

Orbs in my hair…..sometimes makes me feel like I’ve gone over the edge, of which they’ve commented that if we are not living on the edge, we are taking up too much room. These orbular experiences have put me on the edge much more often than my ‘Sky thought processes’ would have ever chosen or thought I could accomplish. I’m pedaling as fast as I can.



~ by PearleySky on 03/17/2010.

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