FRACTAL LOGO by Kris Krepcik

Kris Krepcik and Stuart Wilde do alot of work together.  Over the years, Stuart’s information in his books has coincided with many of my experiences, and so does Kris Krepcik’s information.  This piece Kris wrote on ‘Fractal Logo’ ties in with my experience with the ‘orbs’.

This ‘light’ has shown me how to work with it, at least in this phase, over this past year, which is a process of ‘imbibing the light’.  Recently, I find that I have an orbular light in my hair, a light that is coming from within the strand and at times surrounds the strands, and at other times, it appears the light is traveling the strands. There are many similarities when I am impulsed to take pictures of my hair and when I’m taking orbular photos in nature.  This article contains pertinent information about the process.  I have self-scrutinized for close to 25 years with the appropriate releases of energy when they present themselves.  I also use the breath as a release technique that I have built into a tool over the years.  It’s amazing in it’s capacities and we have put it through some pretty stiff experiences.  The work I have done on myself has led me to the experiences I am having today.

Finally, they have shown me how to work with the frequencies.  I’ll be posing more as I catch up with what they would like me to accomplish. I am so behind 🙂

I hope you enjoy Kris’s information and hope it assists you on your journey as well.

deep peace to you



by Kris Krepcik


Your inner spiritual identity exists as a complex logo of light and information. It is a vast universe of spiraling light hovering in a 26-dimensional hyperspace. It is a holographic component within an even larger holographic field that forms the underlying nature of reality. The larger holographic field is a massive 27-dimensional universe. For all practical purposes, that 27-dimensional universe is the Eternal Celestial Force, and you are one small spark of light within it.

There is really nothing human about your spiritual identity at a 26-dimensional level. It is beyond the mind. It is a holographic information system—a system composed of geometrical forms of light—fractal codes—vibrational frequencies—resonances. It is part of a unified field. Everything is energy.

Between the physical 3d world and the 27d world, energy shifts through different vibrational frequencies and takes on different forms in the various dimensions in between. So, you have a dense physical human body in the slower vibrational rates of 3d, and then a subtle etheric body in the faster vibrational dimensions between 3d and 27d. Your etheric body is your spiritual form or “higher self”, which isn’t a very good term, because there’s nothing “higher” about it. “Higher” is a new age misconception based on thinking that celestial stuff is up, which isn’t correct. It’s inside of you, beside you, and all around you. “Faster vibrational self” would be more accurate, but let’s not get hung up in definitions.

Anyway, we’ve come to call the “higher self” the “aluna self” instead, based on observing its form and appearance in the aluna spirit worlds. It is the mirror world double of your current incarnation for this lifetime. It’s a reflection of you and your true inner sentiments. Sometimes you may see it as being outside of yourself, but it’s not really separate from you, that is an illusion. It is you. It’s just a faster vibrational version of you or a multidimensional version of you, and it’s not confined to the same limits as this physical world.

You have to understand that the etheric force exists in 3d, but then also expands into other dimensions beyond 3d. So, your etheric body can be seen as something as simple as a translucent glow around your physical body, but can also be seen in more complex variations all the way into a 26d light being form, which is your innermost spiritual identity—your fractal logo.

When you shift your perception through different dimensional frequencies, you can look at someone and see their aluna self and the information contained within their fractal logo. It is like reading their energy signature and viewing various forms of their spiritual identity in other dimensions.

At times, a person’s fractal logo will overlay their physical skin. It is like observing a 9-dimensional form, where you see both their physical human form and aspects of their spiritual logo at the same time.

In the image above, I superimposed fractal designs on a stock photo of a man’s face to try and show what the 9d fractal overlay looks like. It’s a good likeness, but the real thing is far more fascinating. When the fractal logo appears on the skin, the images are alive and flowing with motion. They glow. They have a multidimensional depth to them, to where they appear to be on the skin, but also appear to be projecting from deep within the person’s inner being.

The fractal logo contains a vast amount of information. It is a digital memory bank—a data packet. It reveals the inner world connections that people have and many things. It reveals their true inner feelings. It reveals their darkness. It reveals their light.

Your connection to the celestial has nothing to do with what your ego thinks and everything to do with what your spiritual logo shows. You may think you know. You may deny that you even have a shadow. You can pretend all you want to. But you only fool yourself. Your fractal logo reveals the truth.

Better look deeper within and see what is shown.

© 2009 – Khris Krepcik
All Rights Reserved


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One Response to “FRACTAL LOGO by Kris Krepcik”

  1. Hi It’s a great article.
    for the past 8 months I have been reading several of Stuarts books and his blogs and I know also about Kris and read most of his blogs on his website the Hooded Sage I am trying hard to understand it all and I love it and there is no doubt in my mind this is all true . 🙂 God speed in our learning 🙂 Love & Light Romie

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