Tubulars ~ a Medicine of Light 8.17.11

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Three years ago, I began noticing a bright, twinkling star like obect in the eastern night sky. No matter where I traveled, this ‘star’ was always ‘watching’. One can see them with the naked eye. There have been times when the full sky has been very cloudy.  There are quick flashes of light through these clouds, almost as if they are sending a greeting.  I watch their spectacular light show with infared binoculars at times, and other times through my camera or with my eyes alone. As with the pearles (solar orbs), they have their own teachings through experiences. I have also noticed many times, that there are definitely similarities with my solar orbs. In the messages that came through since 1994, they spoke often of ‘tubulars’. It is very possible, one is a precursor to the other in this light unfolding, in this upliftment.

The photos in this slideshow are shared in the order they came through.  The images are a few seconds apart.  They appear to move very erratically through the binoculars and camera, always very intent and focused in their work.

I have worked with the energy of 3 of the photos (not of this collection) for some specific and dramatic healing results regarding victim consciousness. The frequencies vectored not only unto myself, but my oldest daughter and my two grandchildren. As time teaches us, we are realizing the scope of healing and shifting is even larger than myself and family.  The shifts in each of our lives has been very significant internally and in our external world.  The shifts experienced have all been rather large for each of us.

Another thing I find intriguing is that I had what we call a ‘flyby’ a few years ago, maybe more commonly known as a UFO. As this ship passed directly over our house on Camano Island (Washington state) and paused for some time overhead, I could hear the ship sounds and found I couldn’t move for some time – maybe 10-15 minutes. I could feel I was being scanned and downloaded. The energy was intense. to put it ‘lightly’. No one else in the house heard this ship, which isn’t uncommon. I had some collages of my solar orbs on the wall in my bedroom. I was peering intently into one of the collages when this experience began. After the ship moved on, I got up and noticed the texture of the photos was almost like a linen quality. There are some of this same ‘linen quality’ in some of these photos.  The ship traveled down a channel between Camano Island and Everett.  When it reached Everett, it came back but did not hover over the house the second time.

Immediately after the flyby experience, I was hired to work in a lock down facility for adolescent girls in Bellingham, Washington. I knew this job was orchestrated and so I found myself in an ‘alien’ environment where there was more harm than help for these girls.  Being a Gemini, with Aquarius rising, I found myself often times teaching these girls some of my own tools, which in effect, moved them through their process much more quickly than the establishment desired.  I knew I was facilitating the process of planting light seeds with these girls…as the frequency has always loved to work with people’s issues, and often times in the addiction fields, of which I have 30+ years experience.  Fond memories for all involved.

I currently live in Kodiak Alaska. I have noticed since I’ve been back that there are no stars in the sky at night. Only numerous stations of light, as in this slideshow.

There have been numerous times when I was busy in the house doing one thing or another, and I could feel the pull from these beings and would find myself standing in front of a window.  There have been other times when I’ve been shielded from viewing. There are times when I can see them with my eyes, but they will not show up in the camera.  I have seen them peer back at me through the camera lens.  There is a moving ‘black substance’ of high definition that is visible as well, the same as the solar orb photos. This black substance has intrigued me for 7 years.  Sometimes I have answers, but retaining the information is a challenge.

When I view them through my binoculars, I can clearly see they are a station of light, weaving light grids.  These grids move similar to the northern lights, with full pastelish crystalline color displays. They are quite mezmerizing.

I hope you enjoy the slideshow.  Deep peace to you my friend



~ by PearleySky on 08/17/2011.

One Response to “Tubulars ~ a Medicine of Light 8.17.11”

  1. Thank you Sky, for the wonderful information and captured expressions of the multidimensional universe. Truly inspirational.

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