About Sky

In 1994, I began to intently listen to Spirit.  In 2005, I was advised to watch the skies for outrageous beauty. In 2006, this familiar consciousness became visible through my photography. I had asked them, how will i know…they said the Urth will show you…they said that this frequency can only be known from the inside out…and so it is.   I encourage you to simply look at the images, in them & behind them.  Allow your mind/ego to remain in the back seat for a time.  Allow your heart to tell you their truth. These images emit their own music, their own frequencies, tones & encodements.  Open to resonate with these frequencies that desire to share heart space with you.

I use a simple Sony camera with no filters, often times no flash, with a little editing to bring out the color at times, and no special program additions.

More information can be obtained at

Thank you for checking my page out!

bright blessings to you



5 Responses to “About Sky”

  1. Dear Sky
    It’s lovely to be connected with you 😉
    Keep inform all your video & stories from your heart 😉

  2. My dear light soul from Sky – DEAR SKY,
    I love all from you my dear Sky….
    rams light hugs..ramsiel..
    many thanks for this beautiful page,
    many blessings and light as always

  3. Thank you Shangkala and Ramsiel for your kind comments. I love how these frequencies bring out the beauty in everyone’s hearts; such a lovely way to connect all around this gorgeous planet 🙂

  4. Dear Sky,

    Your photo’s are absolutely beautiful!! There is a site I would like to share with you where you can post your work, I know they would love it!! It is a site by Carlos Santana for our global community to network together. http://architectsofanewdawn.ning.com/
    If you do, contact me on the site and I will invite as a friend.
    Many Blessings and Love to you,
    Patricia Summers

    • Hello Patricia~thank you for the kind suggestion about the architects site. I find if I’m not careful, I end up with too many ning site memberships and not enough time to give them any attention. I’ll check the site out. If you choose to send an invitation, sky.pedersen@gmail.com would be the best address.

      I’m glad you enjoy the photographies. I am still amazed at what comes through. I’ll be putting together a new video soon. Finding the right music has always been a challenge, and with silence as a music in it’s own right, I’ll be offering a few with silence as well. there is something that happens when you watch the videos with a heart resonant music. The video will sync itself with the music and we often see something there that wasn’t there on a previous viewing 🙂 the heart chakra recalibrations are intense and amazing.

      Right now, either this website or youtube is where I’m posting most of my work.

      Thank you for your interest!


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